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By purchasing a product from us, you agree to the following rules:
• Use your original (local, home) IP-address;
• Use VPN services (paid, free, built-in (opera-vpn) and others);
• Use the anonymous TOR browser;
• Use virtual machines, device emulators, servers (VPS, VDS);
• Use IPv6 - proxy, shared proxy, public proxy;
• Use proxies and devices obtained by illegal means (including but not limited to botnets, etc.);
- Log in to 2 or more accounts using 1 device and 1 proxy server;
• Use programs and services: sobot,,,,
• Use accounts to harm other people (including, but not limited to - bulling on social networks, spam comments, threats, etc.), and commit other illegal actions (including, but not limited to - fraud, extortion, data theft, etc.) etc.).
1 account MUST use 1 private legal IPv4 proxy and 1 new device (new UserAgent, cookies, specialized program).
- The service does not store the history of purchased accounts and the accounts themselves. The client must independently take care of the safety of his data.
- Accounts are guaranteed 10 minutes from the date of purchase. Check immediately after purchase. If you unsubscribed using the contacts indicated on the site later, then the replacement is not made.
- Refunds are made only if there is no replacement product.- If it is not possible to issue or replace a certain product, the replacement is made similar from the same category.
- When authorizing 2 or more accounts, use different devices and proxies. You can use accounts without a proxy and from one device (different browsers are not different devices), but in this case, we have the right to refuse a replacement / refund. Using more than two accounts from one ip-address / device significantly increases the likelihood of blocking any accounts.
- If you checked the purchased accounts with a public checker and / or on public proxies, the accounts cannot be replaced.
- By purchasing a product on this site, you agree to record the moment of making a purchase, the moment of transferring funds, the moment of downloading and checking the goods for video recording, so that in case of problems with access to your account, we can quickly issue you a replacement or return the money. The video recording is the only proof on your part that the data at the time of purchase was indeed incorrect. This can be done using the Bandicam program. The video must be recorded in full screen, without freeze frames and with a visible mouse cursor. Otherwise, no replacement will be made!
- When using VPN (general or paid) - replacement is made at the discretion of the operator.
- If payment was made through payment aggregators, then in case of disputable situations, a refund will be made with a certain commission. Specify the amount of commission and payment services available for refund before making a payment.- Regarding the selection of accounts (gender, age, country, city, friends, subscribers and other criteria specified in the product description) - often all goods are checked either by a checker or automated scripts, and falls into the section whose criteria are specified in the account profile. Buying any of the categories in the store, you understand this and agree that for any discrepancy in photo-age / name-country, etc. replacement is not performed. (Example: a 12-year-old child in the profile photo indicated that he is 75 years old).
- Swearing, disrespect, insult and other forms of impolite treatment towards the seller gives the right to refuse to return or replace goods, in this case everything will depend on the tolerance of the support operator. Sanctions in the form of blocking can also be applied.
- Important! Due to the nuances of .session + .json accounts (TG SOFT, TELEGRAM SOFT, etc.), replacement is at the discretion of the service. Please consult our support chat before purchasing.
Refunds or replacements may be refused for the following reasons, please consider this before purchasing the product:
a) The client spam in tickets, mail or chat;
b) The client leaves negative reviews or comments about the service on third-party resources;
c) The client is rude to technical support or uses a mat;
d) There are doubts about the correct use of the purchased product;
e) The warranty period for the purchased item has elapsed (for some

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